Modernise CICS Web Applications !

Modernise CICS Web Applications !

What better platform to serve your web applications than CICS on System Z?

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CICS Content Delivery Server brings the strengths of the mainframe to the use of javascript libraries and toolkits, providing a simple way to install, manage, serve & operate these powerful Open Source offerings.

CICS Content Delivery Server allows the tried & Trusted processes for managing CICS applications to be extended to the use of these Open Source resources.

CICS Content Delivery Server allows bespoke content to be served.

CICS Content Delivery Server facilitates the building, serving, operating and management of novel CICS Web Applications.

CICS Content Delivery Server can exploit a parallel sysplex allowing for: very high volumes of transactions; reliable and resiliant systems that are securable using traditional mainframe security capabilities.

Open Source javascript libraries & Toolkits expedite the creation, management and operation of modern Web Applications. In large Corporations, the server of choice for business critical systems is the IBM mainframe. CICS Content Delivery Server serves many of the most popular Open Source libraries from this platform.

Eliminate the risks posed by javascript by serving it from your most trusted environment, where processes and procedures trusted for business critical systems are in place and well understood.

CICS Application Monitoring

With PlexSpy Application Status Monitor you can visualise the entire CICS footprint of your business applications – Regions, transactions, programs, files, in fact all resource types and aspects of CICS region performance – from a single web browser page. You could reduce mean time to diagnose issues in your CICS environment by up to 90%!

PlexSpy Application Status Monitor will improve key support processes, help to anticipate issues, and facilitate a rapid restoration of service.

Using PlexSpy Application Status Monitor will result in increased end-user satisfaction through improved responsiveness from IT Support.

By eliminating uncertainty and doubt about the status of your CICS based applications and establishing what is really happening to the specific infrastructure upon which they rely, you will improve your responsiveness to business needs.

PlexSpy Application Status Monitor supports efforts to optimise IT infrastructure and improve key service management processes, such as those defined by the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®).

The need for governance and compliance is a requirement in business, but recent regulatory legislation such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has made it even more relevant to the business of IT. PlexSpy Application Status Monitor can help to implement compliance-related initiatives.

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Consulting Services

Our Directors have helped companies get the most from their investment in CICS in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania. From day to day administrative processes and trouble-shooting to one-off upgrade or architecture definition and build projects, we have seen many of the challenges faced by business using CICS in their operation. We have installed and implemented CICSPlex SM at a number of sites and helped business to exploit it at many others.

If you have a CICS Upgrade project coming up and would like to have access to expert resources to assist with that then we may be able to help.

If you have yet to implement CICSPlex SM and recognise that you really should be exploiting this powerful software (for which your company is already paying) then we offer free advice on how to plan the tasks involved. We can suggest standards for you to adopt in building your CICSPlex SM infrastructure and provide Consultancy for the work to put that infrastructure in place should you wish.

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Free Trial

CICS application outages cost your Company serious money! Do you want some help in reducing and eliminating them? The CICS monitor that you already have may no longer be up to the job and probably doesn't even show the newer CICS resources. It’s time to look for solutions to the challenges of managing an evolving CICS infrastructure.

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Bring the strengths of the mainframe to your modern business applications by using and serving Open Source Javascript Toolkits and Libraries from CICS. Click HERE for more information.

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ALERT: CICS JS/Server V2 is now available !

This exciting development includes support for JQuery, YUI Library, MooTools and JQuery UI in addition to the Dojo Toolkit and other powerful OPEN SOURCE Javascript Libraries. It also supports the serving of bespoke content and provides a mechanism for building and operating novel CICS Web applications. Contact us for more details.


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