CICS JS/Server expedites the creation, management and operation of modern CICS Web Applications.

It does so by serving several of the more popular Open Source Javascript Libraries and Toolkits.

CICS JS/Server can be configured to serve bespoke content.

Novel CICS web applications can be constructed, managed and served by the software.

Eliminate the risks posed by javascript by serving it from your most trusted environment - the IBM mainframe, where processes and procedures trusted for business critical systems are in place and well understood.

Samples and IVP's are supplied to demonstrate:

  • The power of the Open Source javascript Libraries & Toolkits
  • How traditional programming languages such as COBOL can be used with these Open Source resources
  • The mechanism that allows novel CICS web applications to be built, managed and operated

CICS JS/Server serves several of the most popular javascript libraries and toolkits out of CICS on the IBM mainframe.

The Open Source Libraries and Toolkits that are served are:

Bespoke content can be served by CICS JS/Server.

The content of any document template defined to the CICS region in which CICS JS/Server is configured can be served by the software. This includes toolkit plugins, images, css and txt files etc.

The example shown below in a YouTube clip demonstrates CICS JS/Server hosting the use of JQuery Tools javascript library as an item of bespoke content. The whole was constructed using the content serving feature of our software and includes a call to a CICS application program which builds part of the page as a HTML snippet.

Novel CICS Web Applications can be constructed, managed and served using CICS JS/Server.

CICS JS/Server provides a framework within which new applications can be constructed using:

  • predefined symbols
  • CICS Document Template content
  • HTML snippets created by CICS programs
  • Freeform Text

View Podcast 3 on the Podcasts Tab to understand how this works.

CICS JS/Server V2 – Presentation from Matter of Fact Software


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